10% of Chinese tourists traveling outside their country visit Africa

(Ecofin Agency) In 2016, Chinese tourists that traveled to Africa represented 10% of all Chinese that traveled out of their country that year (against 3% in 2008). This equals a little more than 11 million trips to Africa by Chinese tourists according to Xinhua, which based itself on data from the World Tourism Organization (WHO).

The number of Chinese tourists visiting the African continent soars by a staggering 50% each year. This is spurred by lighter formalities to obtain visas. Some African nations like Morocco or Tunisia have even adopted visa exemption measures for Chinese tourists.

Moreover, the fact that Africa’s touristic assets vary from those of traditional western destinations is a non-negligible asset in helping Chinese tourists discover new horizons.

Africa’s exotic nature mainly attracts Chinese tourists aged between 25 and 40. Those represent 70% of all Chinese traveling to the continent.

Let’s recall that since 2013, China is the leader worldwide in terms of number of tourists visiting other countries. In 2016, 122 million trips abroad were made by Chinese, generating $110 billion of expenditures.